Frequent hot tub maintenance is an integral part of keeping your jacuzzi in optimal working order. We recommend regularly inspecting and maintaining your residential hot tub to prevent bacteria growth, which could result in bad health and possible skin irritation.

Because most working adults lack the time and patience to maintain their jacuzzi, our company often gets the call to help remedy simple and complex issues that may prohibit a hot tub from performing properly.

Since we offer affordable estimates, you can feel confident that calling our office is the best choice for your jacuzzi needs. Our maintenance service in Cleveland, OH, is quite popular all year long, even when the winter months give way to summer.

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There are several hot tub water purification options that our maintenance service can provide you:

  • Regulate the chemistry and temperature of the jacuzzi water, this includes testing pH levels and adding chemical compounds when needed.
  • Teach you how and when to apply chemicals to your hot tub, and what additives should be avoided.
  • Filter cleaning, including changing out old filters and replacing them as needed.
  • Vacuuming debris from your hot tub that could cause injury or destroy the lining of your unit over time.

Our purification service is growing in popularity among jacuzzi owners in Cleveland, OH, because our technicians are knowledgeable in water chemistry and proper cleaning.


Bacteria has the ability to survive in your jacuzzi regardless of how much sanitizer you apply or how often. A sticky substance known to form in hot tub pipes, called biofilm, can lead to costly repairs if your equipment is not drained properly.

Also, connecting a hose to your drain outlet and letting the water flow out by itself is not only time consuming for many, but may actually cause issues if done incorrectly. It is better to leave the hot tub draining job to the professionals. We use only approved equipment and cleaning agents to assure your jacuzzi is not damaged during the maintenance.

Our hot tub draining service includes everything. We will drain the unit, thoroughly clean it, inspect it to make sure essential parts of the equipment are working properly, and refill the jacuzzi with the correct amount of water.


Please note that a great deal of damage can happen if you incorrectly winterize your hot tub. If you are apprehensive about winterizing your jacuzzi without professional guidance, then call us.

Our winterization service is far more affordable than replacing the lining of your equipment. We are confident in our ability to safeguard your jacuzzi against unexpected freeze cracks that could damage the pump, pipes, or other vital components of the equipment.

Closing your hot tub for the season works similarly to winterizing it, except we do the work anticipating an extended closure. If you decide to sell your home or simply want a break from your unit for several months, you would benefit from our closing process. This entails making sure your jacuzzi has no leaks, is drained, and sealed off properly.


Your hot tub is an investment we know you want to protect. Because Cleveland, OH, sees a fair share of cooler months, we would like you to call our local technicians to assure the cleaning, draining, inspection, winterization, and all other maintenance related tasks are done properly.

Affordable rates, friendly customer service, and knowledge of all hot tubs make us the intelligent choice for homeowners who want to preserve the value of their jacuzzi. Give us a call today!

Affordable estimates, professional jacuzzi repair work, and quick maintenance. These are just some of the reasons Clevelanders trust our jacuzzi services.