We all dream of having a hot tub outside on the deck. After a long day at work, nothing beats relaxing our back against the forceful flow of our jacuzzi jets. But what happens when you forget to change the filter, or even worse, fail to treat water prior to a new season of usage? Well, bad things can happen.

Our hot tub repair service in Cleveland, OH, has been around long enough to see many good home owners lose their jacuzzi to missed maintenance or overlooked issues.

When you want your hot tub maintained, repaired, upgraded, or simply need a filter changed out, call our skilled technicians to your residence. We get there quick, work accurately, and price our services fairly.

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While you may know a few things about your hot tub, such as avoiding putting sharp objects on or near the lining, it is common for most people’s knowledge to stop at a basic level of understanding.

The plumbing in most jacuzzis is sometimes contentious to change out. Although, homeowners really should not have to mess with the pipes of their hot tubs, unless there is a real problem.

Improper winterization and lack of regular maintenance cause the most problems with jacuzzis in Cleveland, OH. We see many issues arise, although these are the most common:

  • Leaking unit
  • Heater malfunction
  • Worn out pumps
  • Faulty electrics
  • Clogged filters
  • Torn linings
  • Covers that will not fit properly


Owning a hot tub is pretty special. Nonetheless, reality has a way of opening our eyes to responsibilities we were not prepared to deal with when sudden jacuzzi repairs are needed.

Some home owners just do not have time or the patience to fix their jacuzzi. Forego the opportunity to fix your hot tub and you can expect the following:

  • Poor water quality that slowly worsens over time
  • Filters that will not do their jobs
  • Pumps will eventually give out
  • Piping will back up and eventually cause plumbing issues elsewhere
  • Your lining may need replacement sooner than later
  • You could end up buying a new hot tub

Because you invested so much in your jacuzzi, you should also spend resources in maintenance to protect the equipment from unexpected issues.


Our technicians are trained to follow an exhaustive process to determine the exact issue your hot tub is experiencing. We will:

  • Arrive at your home to diagnose the exact issue with your jacuzzi.
  • Provide a written estimate of work, including what parts are needed and how much our labor will cost.
  • Start repairs or maintenance based on the schedule of availability you provide.
  • Perform a test run of your hot tub to assure the problem was mitigated.
  • Clean up the area we worked in after repairs are done.
  • Sign off the work order and leave our contact information in the event you need to speak with us again.


If want several jacuzzi maintenance tips to avoid spending big money on repairs, here they are:

  • Dropping several tennis balls in your hot tub skimmer will keep oils, dead skin, and other foreign substances away from your pump.
  • Treating your jacuzzi with special enzyme products will keep harmful bacteria away when applied during the beginning, middle, and end of season.
  • A special spray cleaner exists to clean filter cartridges. It is inexpensive and does the trick.
  • Efficient hot tub insulation can lower your heating bills.
  • A spray bottle filled with white vinegar can keep your equipment’s jets clean. You can use the same solution in your water to keep microbial germs away.
  • Examination of your jacuzzi throughout the year can help spot problems before they escalate.


Time is money, and money is tight. We understand. We make our hot tub repair service affordable for homeowners. If you need your filters cleaned, water drained, and jacuzzi refilled, or have a complex issue with your equipment that cannot be mitigated by you, call us immediately.

Trying to perform repairs on your own could cause more issues than you started with. Which means you will pay more for repairs.

Our estimates are affordable, our technicians are well-trained, and the quality of services we provide will have your hot tub up and running perfectly in no time.